Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Series 6 Zelfs

Good news Zelfies, you can now get your hands on Series 6 Zelfs! 

How exciting! 

Click here to take a look at all of our new friends! 


  1. I hope one of them shares my birthday :D

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  3. I live in Miami, FL/USA and I've been a huge fan of The Zelfs since i discovered them in store a few years ago. I was lucky to find Miss Clover, Snowphie and Pearleen at my local Toys R Us. I even contacted Moose about getting a voucher for Jewely- even though they told me they don't redeem US customers, one of them just happened to be making a trip to Miami and personally mailed her to me when he got to the states! Now that's customer service!! Every June/July I looked forward to going to Toys R Us and haven't missed a wave- until now. Over the past year I noticed stock declining. I asked the manager who told me they will no longer carry them- no explanation. I have to order either from UK, Ebay, or Amazon for more than what I would pay in store. I am also disappointed to find out that Mary Go Round has become so exclusive- scalpers abound on Ebay. But she is by far my favorite as she reminds me of the vintage My Little Ponies- many I still have from my childhood. I don't mind hunting for rare figures or even paying a little extra, but come on this really isn't fair- in the end they are still toys made for children/families- we should all be given a chance to enjoy them. Please bring The Zelfs back to the US! Please, Moose, you have fans here and it's cruel to leave us out!